Internet Nutrition Labels

Imagine walking into a grocery store that is full of packaged foods with no nutrition or ingredient labels. You find a box of cereal with an attractive drawing on the front. On the surface, the cereal looks good and the brand seems trustworthy, but you are completely clueless about what you are actually purchasing.

Now think about the last time you read an article on a website. The page may have been attractive and the graphics clear, but do you know who wrote the content? Could you ascertain the author’s motivation for writing the piece?

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Using Consistency to Defeat Confusion

Click. Click. Huh?

Browsing a website to read articles by clicking on links is a fairly standardized interaction. A user sees something of interest, clicks on a link, and is directed to another part of the same website that displays whatever he or she desires to read. This simple interaction is consistent throughout most of the internet.

But sometimes websites do not follow this convention creating moments of confusion that sound like ‘Click. Click. Huh?’.

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Tips for User Testing

Users are an enormously important source of ideas for improving existing and new features. Usability tests are a great way to gain insights from users’ experiences into how a new feature should work or how to better a product. There are numerous ways to conduct usability tests and there is no single ‘perfect’ template that will be appropriate for all situations, but some techniques are universally applicable. The following tips are based on my own experiences and articles by experts in the user experience field. Read More

Trader Joe's

What Trader Joe’s Can Teach About User Experience

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store located throughout the United States. The company’s stores have bright decorations, are often extremely packed with customers, and offer products that cannot be found anywhere else. Although Trader Joe’s stores are not located online, many characteristics of its physical locations offer user experience lessons that can be applied to computer based interfaces.

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