Dicks Sporting Goods Investigated

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a great place for buying sports equipment, but how well does the company website handle basic user flows?

– Find a pair of Nike basketball shoes
– Browse for a new football
– Find clearance and sale items
– Find the nearest store

Task 1:

Path Followed:
I found Nike basketball shoes by completing the following steps: I clicked the ‘footwear’ header on the main menu, selected ‘athletic & sneakers’, then the ‘basketball’ option on side menu, and finally the Nike brand in the side menu.

– Very quick straight forward path, able to find without much effort
– Odd that the menu places filters under a ‘Your Selections’ header (see image below)

Your Selections
– On a second try I noticed there is a ‘basketball’ link directly under the main ‘footwear’ menu, but it is placed to the left side. Since the ‘athletic & sneakers’ header was directly below the footwear menu, it was the first place I looked. Either path is equally sufficient.

Task 2:

Path Followed:
I found a football by: entering the search term ‘football’ in the main search input field. Since the returned results were more product sections rather than individual product listings, I selected the football section to finally see actual football options.

– Disliked the extra step of clicking on the ‘football’ section before seeing product results

Task 3:

Path Followed:
I clicked on the clearly labeled red ‘clearance’ icon. This lead to different categories of clearance items.

– Odd that product category sections could lead to another product section, a single product, or a grid view of many items. For example apparel led to more sections, while accessories led to a product grid.

Accessories Results
Apparel Results

Task 4:

Path Followed:
I selected the ‘find a store’ link and found pre-filled and relevant location information.

– The location field does not attempt to auto-complete as a user types
– Entering invalid location information will generate the same results as the last valid search

Overall the tasks could be completed quickly, but there were some areas for improvement. Consistency in the results could be improved and the word choice for menus was not the best. The website follows the basic conventions of many other online stores and keeps with the mental model created by many similar websites.
Rating: 3 out of 4 happy users 🙂 🙂 🙂

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